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Palmer's Dog Grooming is a salon like no other!

We have designed our salon with your dogs in mind right from start to finish. We wanted to create a space which is bright, welcoming and calming as we understand that the grooming process can be a worrying experience for some of our furry friends. 

Throughout the salon we diffuse a cocktail of calming essential oils to create a tranquil environment for your dog's groom

Our salon is cageless and we encourage fun and play amongst our clients however, we have designed and made 3 bespoke luxury bedrooms for those who prefer their own space whilst they wait for collection after their pampering.


If your dogs have any special needs such as being fearful, anxious or aggressive we are on hand to help. Please just let us know so that we can make arrangements to keep them safe and well. 

We are far more than just a dog grooming salon, we are hugely dedicated to the wellbeing and health of all dogs in our care. We like to work with our clients to ensure they have the perfect treatment for their coat, skin, breed and temperament. Whether it's working with a frightened pup or coming up with a regime for dogs with skin conditions, our highly experienced stylists are here with a wealth of knowledge to help all.  


Your dogs come first at Palmer's!

Our shiny new salon is fitted out with the best grooming equipment on the market.

Equipped with a top of the range hydrobath for the ultimate spa experience. Our bath allows us to get shampoo deep into the coat and skin, using nourishing products to cleanse even the dirtiest of coats. 

We use hydraulic, light up tables which allow us to effortlessly lift even the largest breeds and gives us the best light for working on darker coats.

All dogs are hand dried with the best dryers the market has to offer, we also use Dyson Supersonic Dryers which are quieter for the more nervous customers.

Click Here to find out more about our grooming services and prices!

We've carefully selected all of the items in our boutique to ensure we sell only the best to our customers.

We have a pick and mix bar which offers natural only dog treats. We're big on nutrition here at Palmer's so you'll only find top quality treats!


The grooming products we stock are all products that we use and are tried and tested. Milly's are our chosen supplier for shampoos, conditioner, detangler and other amazing products as these are all natural, cruelty free, vegan and handmade in the UK.

When your dogs leave our salon you may notice the gorgeous fresh smelling fragrance, this is our signature scent Summer Breeze, which has been made especially for Palmer's Dog Grooming and is available for you to buy, so you can keep that salon fresh scent for longer!

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