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  • My dog is aggressive, can I still make an appointment?"
    Yes. All we ask is that you disclose any aggressive behaviours to us, this means that we can be aware of all possible issues and handle your dog in a way which is safe for both us and your dog. Muzzles may be used where necessary.
  • My dog is fearful/anxious/aggressive towards other dogs. Will there be other dogs present at the appointment?
    We can accomodate behavioural issues at Palmer's Dog Grooming. Please make us aware upon booking your appointment so that we can make arrangements. We may make your appointment first or last of the day, or we can schedule at a quieter time. If your dog prefers it's own space we have luxury bespoke bedrooms which your dog can have all to itself rather than mixing with others.
  • How long will my appointment take?
    This all depends on your dogs breed, size, coat condition, service required and temperement. We will give you an idea of how long we will be when you arrive for your appointment. We will then call when your dog is ready for collection.
  • Can I stay and watch?
    We do not allow our customers to stay in the salon as this can make the dog excited and focussed on their owner. An excited dog can be a dangerous dog especially when we're working with such sharp equipment. Rest assured your dog is in safe hands with us!
  • At what age can my puppy be groomed?
    As soon as possible! Once your pup has had its full set of jabs, it is a great idea to introduce them to the grooming process. Check out our Puppy Academy package to see what our offer includes!
  • Will you put my dog in a cage?
    Absolutely not! We are a cage free salon here! We have luxury dog bedrooms to allow dogs to have their own space should they need it. These are comfortable and contain a plush bed and drinking water.
  • My dog is matted will you shave it?
    We adhere to the Animal Welfare Act, and therefore we will not inflict pain and suffering on any dog by removing painful matting by brushing. Matting causes numerous health issues, the safest and kindest way is to clip off and start again.
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