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Did you know, 80% of dogs will have some kind of dental disease before they reach 3 years old?

We're so proud to bring you our ultrasound teeth cleaning service. Our specialised tooth brush cleans using air oscillations combined with nano bubble toothpaste to fight dental disease.


  • Cleaning without noise and vibration, allowing us to clean without anesthetic

  • Cleans between teeth and under the gum line where normal brushes can't reach

  • No abrasive damage to enamel, gums or teeth

  • Optimises blood circulation and lymphatic flow throughout the mouth

  • Stimulates healing and regeneration of wounds and damaged tissue

  • Eliminating pathogenic build-up on the teeth, gums and under the gum line


Results after just one 30minute session


Initial session
inc VAT (30 mins)

Top Up Sessions
inc VAT (15 mins)

Bulk Buy

£103 inc VAT

(for 5 top up sessions, saving £10)

Our initial session takes around 30 minutes to complete, we then suggest incorporating your top up sessions into your usual grooming routine. The top up sessions can be booked up to 8 weeks after the initial session. After this your dog may need another 30 minute session due to plaque and tartar build up. 

Ultrasound teeth cleaning is an amazing way to maintain your dog's health however, please remember that it is not an alternative to veterinary treatment. We always advise you go for regular check ups with your veterinarian and take their advice on your dog's oral health. We will always do an assessment before using our ultrasound brush and will refer you to your vet if we find loose teeth, severe gum inflammation, broken teeth, masses, cavities or any other cause for concern.

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