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It's so important to train your new pup to understand the grooming process, which is why we're here to help!

Introducing our puppy academy!

This service is suitable for all puppies from when they have had their full set of jabs up until 6 months old.

Puppies are sensitive souls and a bad grooming experience can cause confidence issues in the future, our puppy academy introduces your pup to the grooming process one step at a time and is tailor made to suit their individual confidence levels .



£160inc VAT

Includes 4 grooming lessons, ultrasonic teeth cleaning and puppy pack worth £197
Pack contains:

  • Booklet on puppy grooming and training

  • Slicker brush

  • Metal comb

  • Paw balm

  • Detangler sample

  • Fragrance sample

  • Training treats

  • Poo bags



Lesson 1: We introduce your puppy to the salon. This is a 30minute session which includes play, treats, nail trim and an introduction to the new scents and sounds of grooming. You will be given a puppy pack which includes tools suited to your pup's coat and an information leaflet to help you maintain their coat at home.

Lesson 2: This appointment is a bath and blow dry appointment. The hair dryer can be a scary thing for pups so we introduce slowly. We're equipped with Dyson hair dryers which are much quieter.

Lesson 3: During this appointment we wash and blow dry then introduce clippers (if necessary) to allow your pup to get used to the sound. We will also attempt to tidy any areas where needed such as around the eyes and bum.

Graduation: At this appointment we will do a full groom & teeth clean. By this point your pup should be confident enough to have a full style. Your pup will also receive a first groom bandana!

Some pups are more sensitive than others and may need more lessons before they are confident enough to have a full groom but don't worry! We can add these on and move at your puppies own speed!

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